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Measure, Enhance, Preserve & Transfer the Value of Business Interests

Comstock Advisors is an independent business valuation firm founded in 1996.  We provide valuation advisory services to companies nationwide, offering objective and defensible opinions on value.

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Our team of valuation professionals has broad industry experience providing objective valuation expertise to business owners and their advisors. Our practitioners hold the highest credentialed business valuation designations including ASA and CFA, which require some of the most stringent educational requirements in the business valuation profession.

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ComStock Advisors is an employee-owned company with offices in Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Washington, D.C. and Winston-Salem. Our valuation analysis has been accepted by the Department of Labor, the Internal Revenue Service and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Our advice is integral to helping clients make well-informed decisions regarding the value of their assets.

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The talented team at ComStock Advisors has put together a variety of articles and downloadable brochures, as well as podcasts, explaining more about the worlds of business valuation, business transitions, employee stock ownership plans and more. Find the details you need on our Resources page.

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