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Navigating Employee Stock Ownership Plan Benefits

For over 25 years, ComStock has provided advisory services for Employee Stock Ownership Plan companies, including valuations, transaction opinions, feasibility studies and sustainability studies. We are a nationally recognized ESOP advisory firm with professionals who are sought out for their expertise, and are regularly asked to speak at trade conferences and events.

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What is an ESOP?

An ESOP is a type of defined contribution plan designed to allow employees to participate in the ownership of their company through a trust. ESOPs date back to 1974, when Congress passed legislation designed to encourage and facilitate the formation of these plans. Since then, many powerful tax incentives have been put in place to encourage the formation of ESOPs, making them a very attractive ownership structure for companies looking to:

  1. Motivate and reward their employees
  2. Increase productivity and retention
  3. Retain local jobs
  4. Help employees build meaningful retirement accounts
  5. Create a sustainable ownership model.

Prevalence of ESOPs

Today, according to The ESOP Association, there are more than 6,500 ESOP companies in the USA.

What We Do for Businesses and ESOPs

We regularly work with more than 175 ESOP businesses from across the country, operating in a variety of industries. Our ESOP valuations are designed to meet the requirements of an independent appraisal and meet the requirements of Section 401(a)(28)(C) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and proposed regulation 29 CFR 2510.3 – 18(b) of the U.S. Department of Labor.

Helping Companies Make the Most of Their ESOPs

Our independent, objective analysis helps fiduciaries fulfill their duty and make informed investment decisions on behalf of ESOP participants.

Drawing from Our Own Experiences

As an Employee Owned company ourselves, we understand the power of employee ownership. Our professionals are actively involved in national, regional and state associations focused on employee-ownership such as The ESOP Association, The National Center of Employee Ownership and the ESOP Owned S-Corporations of America.

ESOP Advisory Services

Our Professionals

John C. O’Brien

Brant Armentrout, CFA

David R. Bogus, ASA

Nickolas N. Sypniewski, ASA

Lori Wilhelmy, ASA

Glenn S. Johnson, ASA

Romanch K. Mistry

Rimas M. Grybauskas

Katie Holtgrave

Rob Pinkalla, CFA

Lance Green

Srijan Sharma

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