Estate, Gift & Tax Valuation

Independent, Experienced, & Reliable Tax Valuations

At ComStock Advisors, we specialize in preparing independent valuations for federal and state estate tax purposes. Our valuations include detailed explanations and support for selected discounts for lack of marketability and lack of control.

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Dealing with the IRS

Tax strategies are subject to examination by the Internal Revenue Service. We are experienced in working with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and state taxing authorities in the event of an audit, and have testified in U.S. Tax Court trials on trust and estate valuation matters. Our valuations are defensible and stand up to regulatory scrutiny.

Estate, Gift, & Tax Valuation Services

  1. Estate tax
  2. Gifting and family transfers
  3. Tax restructurings
  4. Buy/sell agreements
  5. Non-compete agreements
  6. Sections 83(b) and 409(a)

Our Professionals

John C. O’Brien

Brant Armentrout, CFA

David R. Bogus, ASA

Nickolas N. Sypniewski, ASA

Lori Wilhelmy, ASA

Glenn S. Johnson, ASA

Romanch K. Mistry

Rimas M. Grybauskas

Katie Holtgrave

Rob Pinkalla, CFA

Lance Green

Srijan Sharma

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